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  1. Continuation of the scholarship program for 11 students. Follow up on their results and studies in Ras Ghareb City.
  2. GWO training for those RGWE employees who had not previously completed the training, and refresher training sessions for others.
  3. Substation and BOP annual maintenance activities already performed by ABB which ran from DEC-20 through JAN-21. Completed 12 days ahead of schedule.
  4. At the end of the 1st quarter of 2021, RGWE achieved over 195,000 work hours with zero loss time injuries (LTI).
  5. 1) In March 2021, RGWE successfully registered under the CDM .

Term: Q3 2018

Street Campaign on International Women’s Day

RGWE performed a successful campaign during several visits with the Ras Ghareb City stakeholders. Beginning on International Women’s Day (IWD) and concluding on National Egyptian Women’s Day, the CSR representative visited women from Ras Ghareb City.  During the visits, a short brief about RGWE was presented, as well as, discussions and an information gathering survey to ascertain the needs and concerns specific to women in Ras Ghareb City. The gathering was concluded with an informal  luncheon.  The visits were conducted within the framework of our future CSR & Stakeholders Engagement Plans. The other aim was to collect feedback and monitor the effectiveness of the RGWE CSR actions.

RGWE Annual CSR Celebration
A significant contribution from RECREE for the RGWE site bird migration practical training. In addition, theoretical training for NREA in for bird monitoring and shut down on demand .

Ras Ghareb Wind Energy Shareholders:

Stakeholders’ site visit

A Stakeholder visit to the RGWE Site from the Chairman of the City Council. The site tour included the control building, substation area and in the wind farm. In addition, there was a presentation describing the project progress and updates.
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