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During the 4 quarters of 2020, RGWE CSR actions included:

  1. Sponsorship of the Top Students Competition all over the Red Sea Governorate in Ras Ghareb City.
  2. Donation of medical equipment to Ras Ghareb Hospital in cooperation with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energies.
  3. Completion of the Autumn Bird Migration Season in November 2020.
  4. At the end of 2020, RGWE completed one year in the commercial operation phase achieving over 160,000 working man hours with zero incidents and LTI’s,.

Annual Stakeholders and Monitoring Campaign:

RGWE performed visits to Ras Ghareb City stakeholder locations during December 2020. The visits were conducted within the framework of the 2020 CSR & Stakeholders Engagement Plans, in order to collect feedback and monitor the effectiveness of RGWE CSR actions and communications.
RGWE utilized a questionnaire to collect feedback and information regarding stakeholder expectations. The feedback was positive and the stakeholders were satisfied with the actions of RGWE. However, the stakeholders requested additional engagement to address other topics pertaining to RGWE.

Term: Q3 2018
RGWE Annual CSR Celebration

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Ras Ghareb City stakeholders were unable to attend the RGWE presentation, or participate in a site tour.

As an alternative to the site tour, RGWE presented the
public disclosure and project updates, as well as, a presentation describing the CSR activities since the start of the project.

In addition, RGWE celebrated the works that were performed at Ras Ghareb Hospital and the sponsorship of Top Students competition during the annual CSR celebration, that was held on the 7th of December 2020.

The celebration was attended by Ras Ghareb officials including the Chairman of the city, General Ehab Raafat, Mr. Hisham Awad, the Director of the Educational Administration, and military officials from the Gulf military sector.
Furthermore, the reception was attended by Orascom
Construction and Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energies, who sponsored most of the elementary School renovation.

Autumn 2020 Bird Monitoring

  • RGWE has completed the Autumn 2020 bird migration season successfully. Both RGWE management and site based bird watchers demonstrated a very positive collaboration in order to perform the ATMP SOD/EFSD with zero observed bird fatalities.
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