Ras Ghareb Wind Energy – Scholarship Program Update


  • Selection of 4 additional students who benefit from a Scholar-ships of RGWE. This is bringing to, in total, 11 students sponsored by RGWE.in 2020-2021
  • Site cleaning campaign, with trash removal from nearby Wadi and the internal and access roads
  • The bird monitoring season of autumn 2020 started on the 15th August 2020 and will end on the 15th November 2020.


Scholarship Program Update
In accordance to the Scholarship Sponsor Agreement signed with the Ras Ghareb municipality education representative in 2018, RGWE will provide scholarships to 11 students during the academic year 2020-2021. From last year, the Scholarship Committee reconducted 7 beneficiaries from last year (out of 8 beneficiaries). The Committee has reviewed the candidatures received and have unanimously decided on the 4 following new beneficiaries for 2020-2021:
  • Abdel Halim Fattouh, Faculty of Commerce, Suez University.
  • Asmaa Abdel-Megid, Faculty of Nursing, South Valley University
  • Fatma Mohamed, Faculty of Sciences, Helwan University.
  • Marwa Abdel-Gabbar, Faculty of Nursing ,South Valley University.
EDITION October 2020
Term : Q4 2020

Ras Ghareb Wind Energy Shareholders:

RGWE Environmental Coordination

RGWE and all its contractors, were called to hold a cleaning campaign for two weeks to clean the area of 38.9 Km2 of the windfarm. The goal was the removal of flying trash, pieces of wood, metal or plastic, and the search for any environmental issue could not be seen from the windfarm roads.

The area around the substation and its fence was cleaned from trashes. Those attracts unwanted creatures such as scorpions and snakes.

The cleaning team found and removed pieces of wood and plastic left over from the time of construction phase, away from the working places.

Windfarm main access road which is 21 km long was cleaned from the trash.

The platforms and bushes cleaned from flying trash which might cause the death of these bushes.

Autumn 2020 Bird Monitoring

RGWE has mobilized 11 bird watchers from Green Plus (RCREEE subcontractor) at site since 15th August to monitor bird migration over 3196 Hrs. of observation during the first 2 months. The wind turbines were shutdown 27 times with 26.18 Hrs. stoppage duration to avoid bird collisions based on bird watchers request.


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