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This second quarter of 2020 is marked by the COVID 19 epidemy. RGWE has endeavored to continue its CSR actions, adapting to the situation:
  • RGWE offered medical devices to the Ras Ghareb Hospital in order to help them facing the epidemy .
  • In June 2020, we completed two years of our scholarship program for 8 students within their university expenses. The program will resume in September 2020.
  • RGWE welcomed one Egyptian and one French student for an internship. Due to the situation, most if this internships was performed remotely.

Donation of Medical Devices to Ras Ghareb Hospital:

  • On June 11th 2020, medical devices for the treatment of COVID 19 infected patients has been delivered to the hospital. This is the result of great effort of RGWE made in collaboration with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energies. We hope those medical devices will serve the hospital to perform its essential mission for the Ras Ghareb community.

EDITION July 2020
Term: Q3 2020


Health & Safety

  • RGWE continued to make its best effort to protect all its employees and subcontractors.
  • Extensive protective measures are in place (wearing mask, wash/disinfect hands, distancing, no meetings, no travels, etc.)
  • Access to site is restricted to business needs. Teams are organized to limit interfaces. The work space has been adapted to insure the distancing.
  • Sanitizations were performed regularly to all wind farm vehicles, offices and storage areas.
  • After one COVID 19 case occurred amongst one of the workers at Site, RGWE made COVID-19 rapid tests to ensure that all employees are negative before leaving the wind farm back to their homes. RGWE encouraged all the staff to do a blood test to confirm that they are free of Covid-19 to raise morale after the full restoration of activities.


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