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In June 2018, RGWE has established its
Corporate Social Responsibility Plan and
its Stakeholders Engagement Plan. This newsletter is the second quarterly issuance
and provides news and updates regarding RGWE ‘s CSR and SEP activities.

  1. RGWE is glad to announce that during last
    summer, it realized most of its commitments:
  2. With the support of Orascom Construction,
    repair works have been performed
    at Ras Ghareb Hospital and 3
  3. RGWE has offered medical material to
    Ras Ghareb Nursing School and Hospital
  4. Scholarships for Ras Ghareb students pursing university studies have been put in place.

Celebration in Ras Ghareb

  • On the 25th September, a ceremony took place at the Ras Ghareb Nursing School for marking the accomplishment of
    several RGWE’s CSR activities. We were honored by the presence of the City Chairman, the City Secretary, the Hospital Directors, several Schools Directors, representatives of
    army security and Mr. Jérôme Baconin of the French Embassy. Many thanks to Mrs. Doaa, the Nursing School Director,
    who hosted the event and offered us a warm welcome with
    her students.
EDITION October 2018
Term: Q4 2018


The repair works were performed graciously by ORASCOM CONSTRUCTION. RGWE provided for the supervision & material.
The repair works included:
  • for the Ras Ghareb Nursing School: improvement of the electrical instal-lation.
  • for the Ras Ghareb El Shahed El Adway Boys High School: improve-ment of the electrical, water and sewage systems; and installation of fans, water coolers and windows.
  • for the Ras Ghareb Ali Rafea Girls High School: improvement of the electrical system; installation of water coolers, water tank, toilets equipment, irrigation network and garden sheds; paintings works inside the building.


The medical equipment offered by RGWE included :
  1. for the Ras Ghareb Hospital: Nebulizers, EGG and suction devices
  2. for the Ras Ghareb Nursing School: stethoscopes, models, dolls & arms for training, monitor, autoclaves, EGG, suction device, wheelchair and various medical consumables


RGWE entered into a scholarship sponsor agreement with the Ras Ghareb municipality education representative and the 3 con-cerned schools being:
  • Ras Ghareb Nursing School
  • Ras Ghareb El Shahed El Ad-way Boys High School
  • Ras Ghareb Ali Rafea Girls High School
Under this agreement, RGWE is committed to provide scholar-ships to 6 students during 3 years. The scholarships are for students completing their studies at one of the 3 schools and willing to pursue university studies. The students are selected based on their school results, their motiva-tion and their family revenues situation.
The 4 first beneficiaries were selected and will start to re-ceive their scholarship from Sep-tember 2018 onwards.


  • RGWE is very proud to announce that more than 1,000 000 work-ing hours executed without any Lost Time Accident, in accord-ance with RGWE’s Zero Harm target.
  • RGWE is working on improving its environmental and safety cul-ture by encouraging more open and positive behaviors.

Chemical storage at site:

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